The 5th International Workshop on Human-Friendly Robotics was organised by the Belgian Royal Military Academy in Brussels

HFR 2012

The Belgian Royal Military Academy hosted and co-organised the 5th International Workshop on Human-Friendly Robotics (HFR 2012) on 18th and 19th October 2012.

The workshop aimed to bring together actors from the R&D world to exchange their views on the design, control, safety and ethical issues concerning the introduction of robots into daily life.

Around 100 participants had the opportunty to discuss about the development of human-friendly robots such as safe and dependable machines operating in the close vicinity to humans or directly interacting with them in a wide range of domains.

The workshop was supported by the TIRAMISU and ICARUS projects, co-funded by the Seventh Framework Programme, to enforce a technological shift from classical industrial robots, which are safely kept away from humans in cages, to robots which are used in close collaboration with humans.

During the workshop, a demonstration area was available for the participants where it was possible to discover how Coptermotion has developed its outdoors multirotor techonology for video footage, among many other demonstrations. 

Coptermotion demostration: