Succesfull ICARUS participation in the UN-INSARAG Global Meeting in Abu Dhabi (18-19 October 2015)

Daniela Doroftei - Member of the ICARUS Coordination Team in Abu Dhabi (Credits RMA)


The ICARUS team successfully participated in the UN-INSARAG Global Meeting which took place on October 18-19 in Abu Dhabi alongside with key players from the international search and rescue (SAR) community.

INSARAG – the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group – is a global network of more than 80 countries and organisations dedicated to urban search and rescue (USAR). The main objectives of INSARG are to establish minimum international standards for USAR teams and to develop a methodology for international coordination in earthquake response.

This year, more than 314 participants from 94 countries attended the meeting in Abu Dhabi which was a great opportunity for the ICARUS team to make new contacts with the end users and to inform them about the project outcomes and exploitable results. Being present at this high-level meeting also made it possible to foster end-user acceptance and adoption of the ICARUS tools.

Finally, the ICARUS team promoted the benefits of unmanned SAR tools and underlined the lessons learned from real-life relief operation (such as the ICARUS intervention in Bosnia) so as to work towards the integration of unmanned tools in the operational toolkit of USAR workers.  

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