Chairman of ICARUS End User Board greets Commissioner Georgieva at the EU Civil Protection Forum 2013

The biennial Civil Protection Forum is the largest event of its kind at EU level.

As part of the 4th edition, which took place in Brussels on 15-16 May 2013, an outdoor exhibition was assembled on Rond-Point Schuman, simulating the deployment of an On-Site Operation and Coordination Centre (OSOCC) in the context of severe flooding affecting large areas of land within EU Members States and third countries.

Our partner René Wagemans, Chairman of the ICARUS End-User Board, representing B-FAST (Belgian First Aid and Support Team) the Belgian Rapid Reaction Humanitarian intervention force, briefed Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, who is in charge of EU International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, during the inauguration of the OSOCC demonstration.

The ICARUS project hopes to present its findings and achievements at the 5th EU Civil Protection Forum that is scheduled to take place in 2015.