ICARUS partner ASCAMM signs agreement with CATUAV for joint UAV development

Left: Mr. Xavier Lopez Managing Director of Ascamm. Right: Mr. Jordi Santacana Director of CATUAV

Mr. Xavier Lopez, Director of ASCAMM, one of the  ICARUS project partners, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Mr. Jordi Santacana, Director of CATUAV, in a bid to promote technological development, UAV systems integration as well as training activities. 

As part of this agreement, ASCAMM will have access to the new CATUAV Technology Centre (CTC) located in Moia, Spain, which is equipped with several facilities to test UAVs and has two runways spanning 350m and 210m respectively. Up until now, ASCAMM has had only limited access to these types of testing platforms, as there are none on their current premises situated in Barcelona.

ASCAMM will use the airfield to test ICARUS UAV systems over the next two years, enabling ICARUS partners to test the vehicles more effectively and to improve functionality.