ICARUS to take part in the Forum do Mar Event

AEP - Portuguese Entrepreneurial Association and Oceano XXI - Association for the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea, are organising  the 2nd F√≥rum do Mar, an event open to professionals working in the different sectors that make up the sea economy, the scientific community, and the general public in order to contribute to the development of the sea economy and to raise the public's awareness of the benefits that can be obtained from the sustainable exploitation of  resources.

The event will comprise three main components:

Sea Exhibition
Aims to strengthen the networks of relations and co-operation between all of the stakeholders involved in the different sectors of the economy. The fair is international in scope and will be organised in sectors in order to group together the companies and organisations that belong to the same area.

Business Meetings
A programme of previously scheduled contacts and bilateral meetings between the exhibitors and a group of international purchasers defined as being of strategic importance to the different sectors. The programme will include a guided tour of the fair, bilateral meetings and, visits to R&D companies/institutions. Its aim is to provide structured points of contact in order to encourage the development of businesses and cooperative relationships between parties to help strengthen the internationalisation of the sea economy.

Sea Conference
The conference programme, which will take place during the three days of the event, will make it possible to discuss issues that are topical and relevant to the development of the marine economy, namely, the valuation of marine resources, offshore technologies, sea safety, the internationalization of marine economy activities and interregional cooperation.