A team of B-Fast, partner of ICARUS project, moved to Brazaville to alleviate the emergency needs after the explotion of a munition depot

Following the explosion of a munitions depot in Brazzaville, resulting in numerous victims and at the request of the Republic of the Congo, Belgium, through a team of the Belgian First Aid & Support Team (B-Fast), sent emergency aid to the country of Central Africa.

The B-Fast planning committee convened to investigate what sort of aid could be offered as well as to draw up a preparatory schedule once the Republic of the Congo made their request for emergency aid.

The B-Fast coordination council, under the chairmanship of Minister Reynders, decided to send a B-Fast team and medical supplies to Brazzaville.

The B-Fast team was made up of 12 people, primarily doctors and nurses who can assist in the local hospitals. The B-Fast team was also taking medical supplies to care for burn wounds and for medical traumas, provided by the Department of Public Health. The Department of Defence provided air transport. 

It is worth to mention that B-Fast, a Belgian cross-departmental unit under the authority of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, participates as partner in the project ICARUS dedicated to integrated components for assisted rescue and unmanned search operations.


Source : Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Picture: B-Fast website